Ex-farmer, mom, widow & mystery writer

I’m raising my son in the small mountain town where I grew up.

Got something to say? Here’s how to get started on the road to self-expression

(Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash.)

My son might inherit the cancer that killed his dad

Brock and Isaac, months before Brock’s cancer diagnosis in 2014.

Discovering why my husband died of cancer

How do we respond? And why does it make my skin crawl?

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This Is Us

I watched my husband go through different stages. Here’s what to expect.

Our display at my husband’s memorial service.

How to survive & thrive with an uncertain future

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There will now be pre-, mid- and (we hope) post-pandemic literature

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  • is it modern fiction, happening now?
  • Is it historical fiction, happening 20 or more years ago?
  • Is it science fiction or futuristic fiction?
  • Is it fantasy, set in an imaginary world?

This Is Us

Discovering the silver linings of self-isolation

A photo of a pink tinted sky and clouds.
A photo of a pink tinted sky and clouds.
Photo: Busà Photography/Getty Images

Increased kid + parent time

Why Mom needs to stand down, and you need to stand up

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Why it took 6 months to tell my in-laws I was dating

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Heather McLeod

Writing about the illness & death of my young husband from cancer, grief, widowhood & this new, Plan B life. www.heatherwmcleod.com

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